The full media releases "the pursuit of all-human shared value and exploration – China practice of democratic freedom"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 7 The democratic banner, realizing the people of the people, the Chinese people become the great achievements of the owners of the state, society and their own destiny, and profoundly explain the historical logic, practical logic and theoretical logic of the Chinese people ‘s common value. The wiskin report and the documentary were officially released in Beijing and Switzerland Geneva on the same day.

Experts, scholars, online or lines of nearly 100 wisku institutions from more than 40 countries and regions from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. The main perspectives and typical cases in the report will spread in multilayer media in multilingual media, etc.

The general discovery of the full-cultural paragraph on General Secretary Xi Jinping regards as the main line, based on the long-term practice of China ‘s pursuit of common value of all humanity, from the degree of education advantage, cultural background, internal background, inner Regularity and its world meaning, around "the people who make the master: the big logic of democracy" The revelation of the common value of all humanity is expanded.

China’s democracy is the people’s democracy, the people are the essence and core of Chinese democracy.

In order to realize the people of the people, China has always adhered to the people-centered, transcend "a few people" "a one-time democracy" "pseudo-national democracy", ensuring that the most broad masses of people really enjoy democratic rights, let people really become a state, society And the owner of his own destiny. The report passed a large number of examples, and China’s "substantive democracy" pursues the people of the people. It is the full chain, all-round, full-covered "whole process people’s democracy", which causes "governance democracy" and energetic Democracy ", Huizhi’s" powerful democracy ", the" systemic democracy "that can be tested is the broadest, most real, most useful socialist democracy. The report believes that the conclusion of long-term practices in China’s common value of all humanity is: from the perspective of the people, the quality of democratic governance has only one standard – the people can enjoy the dividends of peace, and live up with peace and peace. Good democratic governance can protect and develop freedom and human rights, achieving process democracy and results democracy, procedures democracy and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy and national will organic unity.

Democracy is not ornament, not used to do it.

The report pointed out that China is democracy, freedom, human rights concept "faithful practitioners" and "practical innovator." China has achieved significant governance results in the practice of people in the people in the people, with high "governors." Decoding the "creative" of China’s democracy, or can summarize advanced political parties, people, and focus on the development of "three key applications".

The report believes that in the socialist practice of democracy, freedom, human rights, the Chinese Communist Party will be based on the overall interests of the people, so that democracy returns to the logic of people, so that the freedom is full of people, so that happiness becomes human rights. The highest standards have opened up a new country of national modernization, creating a new form of human civilization, submitting a "Chinese program" with the "Times". The report pointed out that China’s exploration pursuit shows that the effectiveness of democracy must be inspected and improved by the practice of the practical problems of most people to test and improve the path choices of democracy, freedom, human rights must be based on their national conditions. Self-primary principles, promoting democracy, freedom of freedom, and protecting human rights requires step by step, democracy, freedom, and human rights are not the best "process principle", can provide beneficial reference for achieving common value for all humanity.

Xinhua News Agency National High-end Those Turkist Table Group Introductly in China, China, China, China to carry out in-depth investigation, extensively interviewed experts and scholars and all aspects of experts at home and abroad, and organized a number of special seminars, after summing up refining And finally form this report. After the study of authoritarian, the study of the Zhicu report was solid, reasonable, and made new degree of academic interpretation and academic expression on all human beings. At the same time, the Chinese and English text report released, the Chinese and English bilingual documentary "common pursuit of democratic free human rights", the story of Democratic Free Human Rights "is launched by the Xinhua News Agency, and the six ordinary Chinese people tell in China. The vivid story of democracy, freedom, human rights on the earth.

Reporting the same name book and related visualized products and related visual products will also be published at home and abroad. Xinhua News Agency, the high-end intelligence is the only media type think in China’s high-end intelligent square. In recent years, there have been many influential thinking research results. Previously launched the "China Reduce Poverty" "People Range" report, in the sea There is a broad impact internally.