US media: There are still 34,000 Afghan dismissal to live in 7 US military.

  [Global Network Reporting Reporter Xu Wei] The US military recently disclosed that there are still 10 people from Afghanistan to live in the 7 military bases in the United States.

US media said that the US government has promised to provide $ 13.3 billion for resettlement of these people, but this move has also enlarged some criticism. US "Star Rat Flag" website reported on December 6th, the Pentagon spokesperson John Kebi said on the same day, since the US military has completed the evacuation of Afghanistan from August 30, there are still about 10,000 from Afghanistan. The evacuated person lives in the seven military bases in the United States.

  According to the report, this newly published number is lower than the media reported 5,3150 on October 26.

Kebi said, from that, Rignaki, Virginia, USA, stopped participating in "Meeting Allies Action" from November 17, which is a task that supports Afghanistan to go to the United States. According to reports, since the United States, the United States has begun from Afghanistan from Afghanistan, and the US military has been placing the evacuation personnel in its 8 military facilities.

The decline in the number may mean that nearly 20,000 Afghan people have left the refugee camp, settled around the United States. In the peak period of evacuation, these bases have a capacity of 10,000.

Kebi did not disclose this task and how long is it.

So far, the United States has already enacted a resettlement of Afghan dismantles to provide approximately $ 13.3 billion, but also triggered some criticism.

  Jim Bankz, US Republican, accused "The US Congress and even Trump used to build a border wall for $ 8.6 billion, no approval.

"The Republican Senator, the Republican Senator, USA, said:" When the US government solves the abundance of the Afghan dismantled, the only money invested more and more money, now the Democrats hope to be here. It took $ 6 billion on a question, and it took $ 6 billion in the past three months. "According to Rankeford, about 69,000 people with evacuation from Afghanistan came to the United States, including Afghans who have helped the United States in the Afghan war in the past 20 years.