Yanjing Lake District Dongting Lake Street: Learning Party Shi Xuanxin, for people to diagnose people

Modern Express News (correspondent Yu Yan) "Your current dizziness may be related to your previous traffic accident, I suggest you take time to go to the hospital for a varnish.

You usually have a pre-court recovery training … "On the morning of September 17, in the Garden, located in the Garden, Dongting Lake Street in Dongting Lake, Tinghu District, Dr. Zheng Yongliang, Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Vocational College, is a resident of seeing a doctor Wang Yuezhou Say.

At the age of 67, Wang Yuezhou, lived in the building of the community. After heard that the community had a clinic, the CT film of the doctor was taken before, and the arrival of the doctor.

"After the traffic accident last year, the body has been slowly recovering. But recently dizziness, just Dr. Zheng came, I will ask him to help me.

I enjoy such a good medical service at home, I am really very good, I am very satisfied. "Wang Yuezhou told the author. In order to advance the practice of" I do practical things for the masses "and" two in two ", the new work, the Dinghu District Dongting Lake Street Union Dongting Lake Street Community Health Service Center" is the first to get into the community, Warm mentally "activities, strive to provide more convenient and intimate health services for the majority of residents. In the event site, 15 medical staff do their own due diligence, provide the residents, blood pressure, blood sugar, family doctor signing, etc. Different situations in residents, medical staff patiently carefully all daily precautions, detail the disease of disease and health, and propose reasonable dietary, sports and other life guidance.

According to statistics, there are more than 200 consultants in consultation in the same day, and there are more than 230 health knowledge promotion foldings. For residents, more than 50 blood pressure, more than 50 blood sugar, and push more than 20 people.

"This clinic, not only enhanced the health care awareness of the majority of residents, but also enhanced the communication between medical staff and community residents. In the future, we will continue to carry out clinic activities in other communities, so that more residents are at home. Enjoy health services.

Ni Tong, director of the Community Health Service Center of Dongting Lake Street, Tinghu District, said. Relevant recommendation.