The elderly meals are not the soft and better.

As age increases, various organizations of the body will shrink and recession. After 80 years, the structure has reached 50%, and the bone muscles are reduced and the strength is reduced.

The same is true for body tissue of the oral cavity. Therefore, some old people will feel "chewing", try to prepare soft meals for themselves.

But the elderly’s diet is not the soft and better. Soft food is chewed, easy to digest, but long-term consumption will make the old man’s chewing ability, resulting in atrophy of gums, decreased saliva secretion, reduced digestive enzyme secretion, severe malnutrition, seriously affecting physical health and quality of life.

Chewing is one of the most basic physiological activities of the human body. Chewing can adjust the blood flow of large cerebral blood, when chewing hardware or chew speed is accelerated, the cerebral blood flow is significantly increased. Studies have shown that there is a tertlavant’s cerebral blood flow over 30% higher than the unexy tooth. There are more cerebral dementia in the unable tooth, and the old man who has a good teeth is only a memory loss.

That is, chewing reduction will affect memory.

In addition, diligent chewing, chewing slow chopper is beneficial to the nutrient composition sufficient absorption, and the facial muscles can be exercised, delay the surface muscles, make people look younger. Therefore, the elderly must work hard to maintain oral health and properly strengthen chew training.

In daily life, the elderly can "practice dental mouth" in the following ways. Appropriate "molar". Entry tanchambers, dried fruits, etc., even if the teeth are missing, it is necessary to massage to teeth.

Exercise chewing movements can make old man’s muscle nervous system constantly get positive feedback and improve chewing ability.

But pay attention, chewing training is like fitness, and it is necessary to gradually enter and measure. Tooth exercise every day. The specific method is: the teeth are hit by 36 to 72 times, then use the tongue between the mouth and the teeth, clockwise, counterclockwise, and the mouth is stored in the mouth, after the drum, the drum is several times, then 3 times Swallow.

Chinese medicine believes that this action can be kidney and kidney, and the teeth are bones, so they can be strong.

Modern medicine believes that ? ? can promote oral blood circulation and maintain oral health. Maintaining chewing functions, the most important point is to repair missing teeth in time, treat oral disease, which can minimize oral function to avoid chewing function degradation. Delicious dental dental dentition, periodontitis, gingivitis, etc., it will reduce the quality of life in the elderly.