[100 people say the party building] Hao Limei, deputy director of the Party Committee Office of Jilin Provincial Library

Hao Lime: Communication culture and help the era development.

Pass the belief, cast the nation ‘s soul.

The party committee of the Jilin Provincial Library highlights party construction, strengthens ideological construction, enhances the quality of party construction, builds example power, and expands service performance, and gets more fruitful results on the platform of public cultural services. The annual service reader is more than 4.2 million, and the literature has exceeded 3 million copies, and the event is over thousands of games. The Classic Museum is integrated today, "Let the writing in ancient books"; poverty alleviation lecture hall all over the province, play a cultural advantage to help accurate poverty alleviation; peasant workers have more than ten years, pay attention to special groups pay attention to cultural and universal; 260 library books, extended service tentacles to expand service; build "Jilin Provincial Text Travel Encyclopedia Resource Platform", promoting the integration of literature and promoting cultural development. After years of hard work, the Jilin Provincial Library won a number of honors such as the "6th National Civilized Unit".

Looking forward to the future, I will adhere to the correct political direction, carry forward the outstanding traditional culture, innovate service methods, and promote the reading of the whole people, to build a new socialist culture and then make new work! (Editor: Li Chengwei, Xie Long).