Wuhan’s old bookstore fire! Many love books will wait at the door early in the morning, and they will come to the book.

Yangtze River Daily, Wuhan client November 16 (trainee reporter Wang Liting) "The readers have a newspaper at the door of the bookstore in the morning.

"On the 15th, in the old bookstore, more than 30 love books came to read the book, Taishi. Jiji old bookstore. Ji Zhen’s bamboo boss Li Laizhen told reporters that the Yangtze River Daily reported on the 15th" This old bookstore opened For 20 years, four times to move the old readers still followed ", Wuhan Evening News", "a pair of old couple" love book love to cry "," Cultural Safety "," Cultural Seafood "," At 8 o’clock in the morning, there were readers who came from Jiang’an, Wuchang, and Panlongcheng. The number of readers had several times more than the usual. "Many readers mentioned when the book is mentioned, and this old bookstore has adheres to 20 years. Multi-reading in inspiration is very much. "In addition to the people who come to Tao, there is also the public to contact Li Lanzhen through the Yangtze River Daily Hotline." My family loves to study, and I have collected a lot of books when I have been in front of the time. If these books, no one is too Pity.

"The 72-year-old merchant this year said, I hope to bring more than 600 old books to the people in the family. At present, she has been with Li Lanzhen to set the book time.

Netizen comment screenshot. "Let’s go to Wuhan must go to Amoy!" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " News, Hubei News Net, today’s headlines and other platforms forward, many netizens will leave a message to Tao. Li Laizhen introduced that Ji Kingdom is open to 9:30 am every morning to 9:00 am. The bookstore is located 20 meters from the southwest gate of Gude Temple. The public can take the subway to Huangpu Road Station, along the Jiefang Avenue, and the newly built back street walks can reach the bookstore; or take the subway to Luojiazhuang Station along the Wei Sushu Road, the work and farmers road, the Gude Temple road is within the roadside bookstore.