WeChat "hand shot" invites people to participate in urban management

Original title: WeChat "hand shot" invites citizens to participate in urban management on August 18, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou City Management Digital Supervision Command Center, the center invites the public to experience urban management through WeChat "hand shoot" in terms of urban management. Innovation and development, participate in monitoring urban management.

It is understood that the public passes the "hand-handed" function through the command center, and the public can discover the urban management issues, the public can click on the WeChat public account "Lanzhou City Management Committee" homepage to enter the "hand shot" system, on-site shooting One, a vision picture of the reference matter, the system is automatically positioned after the problem category, click to report. When dispatching related functions by the center, the public can view the processes and results by reporting history. This initiative promoted the formation of a good atmosphere of urban management interconnection and grasping the contest. At present, the center receives more than 350,000 urban management problems, and the case has been handled for 10,000 pieces, the case rate is 100%, and the public satisfaction rate is%.

Give full play to the enthusiasm of public participation in urban management, and created the work mode of "People’s Urban People’s Management". At present, the center is actively organizing "hand shot" small procedure accommodation city based on "Lanzhou City Management Citizens". The public has reported an effective case to accumulate, and the top is not capped. Reward the top 80 citizens, the higher the rankings, the higher the value of the prize. Details of the prize will be publicized every week to publicize the WeChat public number of the Lanzhou City Management Committee so that the people of the public will supervise. In recent years, Lanzhou City Management Digital Supervision Command Center has vigorously conduct resource integration, and fully dispose of relevant urban management cases based on the "big city management" concept.

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