Yunnan Chengjiang full development of the rectification of the well cover

Decoction on the site. In recent years, Cao Meng Ting has taken the requirements of the establishment of the national civilized facility in Chengjiang City, Yunnan Province. Since mid-August this year, the rectification work of Wellness coverage has been fully carried out, and the public is fully guarding the safety of the public.

In the Chengjiang City West Road, the construction team is rectifying the fracture or irregular gain cover.

The workers use cutting machines, electric drills and other tools to divide the sapling or irregular well cover, and rectify the cement sewage skewers to replace the cement sewage, the well cover is a cast iron sewage, in the post-construction process, the replacement of the well cover is maintained with the road surface. The same horizontal line, ensuring pedestrians and road traffic vehicles. It is reported that the main remediation is saved or prominent, and the vehicle is crushing with abnormal sound, damage or irregularity, remediation is the six towns of Chengjiang (street). After the rectification is completed, you will be numbered to each of the Western Wellness. Yang Feng, a staff member of the Municipal Public Administration Co., Ltd., Chengjiang City, said that, as of now, the city has a total of 1594 wells in the city, and 256 have been completed.

In the next step, it will be strictly in accordance with the provincial and municipal relevant programs, work requirements, and urge the relevant functional departments to speed up the rectification work, ensure that this work is completed as soon as possible. (Yang Pei Cheng, Cao Meng Ting Chengjiang Municipal Media Center) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.