There are 18 wild horses coming out "Sakae"

Original title: There are 18 wild horses to come out "Sakae". At present, Xinjiang has launched the 17th batch of Popard Wild Horse, and 18 carefully selected wild horses from Xinjiang Miao Breeding Research Center has been sent to Xinjiang Karami. The wildlife of the hoof wildlife nature protected area will be placed in the wild after a period of environment. This year, it is the 20th anniversary of the implementation of Popard Wild Horse in Xinjiang. After the wildfunction is completed, the Pushoma in Xinjiang will reach 292.

"The choice of this batch of wild horses mainly consider the relationship between pedigree, age structure, gender proportion, and health. 18 wild horses are far from the wild horse relatives that have been returned to wild, which is conducive to improving the problem of mismatches.

In addition, we will track the wild horses to wear wireless components, further grasp the law of wild horses, and prepare for the future.

Yang Jianming, director of Xinjiang Wild Mass Propagation Research Center, said. In order to do a good job in this year’s Pu Wild Mountain Work, the Research Center began "packing" training on the upcoming wild horses. Grass temptation, guide the wild horse from the horses, let the wild horses gradually reduce the fear of the horse box, ensuring that it will not be injured during the transportation process. Pu Musi is the national first-level protection wildlife, which is included in the World Nature Protection Alliance Endangered species red Directory is also the only wild horses in the world.

From 1985, my country has re-introduced the Popard Wild Horse from abroad, and in 1986, China has established Xinjiang Wild Horse Breeding Research Center to launch the "Mustang Rural Rural Rural" program. By expanding the wild horse population and implements the wild matrix, ultimately realize field populations. Naturally proliferation.

"After more than 30 years of hard work, the Xinjiang Musa Breeding Research Center has successfully breeds six generations of 760 harms, which has become the multi-breeding base of the number of wild horses worldworn. By the end of 2020, the wild horses were all settled in the wild.

"Yang Jianming said. It is understood that the number of Pu’s wild horses can reach about 2500, in order to form a stable population in the wild. Through more than 30 years of development," wild horse returning to hometown "plans to accumulate in the Pu Makama. A large number of experiences provide a good reference and demonstration for the re-introduction of other species in my country.

"Next, we will expand its cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions. By carrying out technical applications such as artificial insemination, we will solve the problem of degradation of Popard’s nearby prospects, and further promote the continued growth of the population of Pu’s wild horses." Yang Jianming said .

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