Xinghui Hui people to promote development Shanxi water conservancy

People’s Network Taiyuan August 12th (Lei Hao) Today, Shanxi Provincial Bureau Propaganda Department (Provincial Government Information Office) held the ninth conference of the "comprehensive construction of a well-off society" in Shanxi Province, the provincial water conservancy department is responsible People introduce Shanxi Province in the comprehensive construction of a well-off society process, water conservancy and depletion of poverty, people’s live water conservancy construction, the most stringent water resources management, the long system of rivers and lakes, and answer reporters.

According to reports, since the 18th National Congress, Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department has been based on water resources optimization, with water ecological protection and repair as support, with the construction of major water conservancy projects, with the fundamental of people’s livelihood, and all the water conservancy target tasks are all completed. It provides strong support for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society in Shanxi Province.

Water ecological repair achieved new results.

Formulating the "Qixi" ecological protection and repair plan of the Weihe River, and the provincial government has released the "decision on accelerating the implementation of the Ecological Protection and Repair of the Seven River Basin". Completed, the construction of the mid-range demonstration area of ??the Weihe River is fully started.

"13th Five" accumulates that the water and soil erosion is 10,000 square kilometers.

Water conservancy is fully completed.

In the five years, I have been investing billions of dollars, consolidating the improvement of drinking water safety conditions in Wannan Village, involving 10,000 people in the poor, and the province’s rural drinking water safety issues are fully resolved. The added high-efficiency water-saving irrigation area is 1.43 million mu, and the effective utilization factor of farmland irrigation water is increased. The construction of water conservancy infrastructure is fully jumped.

"13th Five-Year Plan" new water supply capacity billion cubic meters Prototype.

The Heng Lake Long System has been "comprehensive effective" from "comprehensive establishment".

The secretary, governor served as a double-general river, and the high-quality completion of 12 reform tasks, established the provincial county rural five-level river lake leader organizational system, and promoted the "River Lake Long + River Lake Long Assistant + Patrol Holler" "Work mode, crack down on illegal sand, and promote the" clear four chaos "normalization. Water-drought disaster defense capacity continues to increase.

Completed 223 reservoir safety identification, 12 reservoir reductions, etc. The construction of the system is further improved. Next, the water conservancy department at all levels of Shanxi Province will focus on the "five-water comprehensive reform" reform target, optimize the improvement of Shanxi Water Network architecture, and comprehensively promote the "Qihe" "Wuhu" and Quan Quan Ecological Protection and repair, fully implement the rigidity of water resources Constraint, powerful to consolidate the financial benefits of people’s livelihood, and improve the tasks such as flood control and drought-resistance, providing strong water support for high quality development in Shanxi Province. (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see recommendation reading.