Grasp the party building and promote the promotion of Taiyuan Yingze District: Let the grass -roots administrative law enforcement have the strength and temperature

On May 13th, the Yangxiang Comprehensive administrative law enforcement team in Yingze District inspected the "two small" restaurants and proposed a yellow card warning. Photo by Zhang Yongqiang, "In the past, the problem of the masses should be conveyed layer by layer. Comprehensive administrative law enforcement team members said.

Behind the change is actually a complete system design. "Relying on grid management, we use the community grid as the frontier of the grass -roots law enforcement, and the grid staff inspects all day as a" panoramic probe ‘to discover illegal acts and risks. Carry out daily inspections to find out at any time and report at any time. "Said Zhao Xuejun, deputy secretary of the Yingze District Party Committee and District Chief of Taiyuan.

According to reports, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement office of Yingze District has determined a person to collect and summarize the clues information found in the grid staff, the public report and the daily inspection of law enforcement officers, and timely divert and assign. Quickly dispose. In order to realize "less leg enforcement officers running legs, more information and data running", Yingze District played the role of information interoperability in the platform platform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement office, promoted the "turning zero to rectification" of street law enforcement forces, and explored and established a unified dispatch command, information sharing interoperability, and interoperability. The joint meeting coordinates three mechanisms to ensure the overall coordination and linkage of law enforcement teams.

"Information sharing and interoperability refers to the personnel of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Office through the connection of platforms such as 12319 digital urban management and 12345 convenience lines to simultaneously accept illegal information with relevant law enforcement departments to achieve interconnection of law enforcement information, promote the integrated administrative law enforcement team of the street and other fields The functions of law enforcement teams are complementary and seamless.

"Dong Chaoxin said. At the same time, the captain of the street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, the principals of the law enforcement teams in various fields, and the relevant community director, the director of the police station, etc. established a joint meeting system to report the development of law enforcement work in various fields, coordinate and resolve problems found in law enforcement work. , Form the work mechanism of "unified command and overall linkage".

Through the "daily report, Zhou Xiaolian, monthly notification, and time negotiation", cross -departmental and cross -domain coordination mechanisms are established, law enforcement exchanges and supervision and inspections are regularly carried out, difficult issues are studied and solved, and scientific law enforcement and accurate law enforcement.

Power empowerment to promote reform and development to enhance grassroots governance capabilities. The key is to look at the party spirit, which is based on party spirit.

Yingze District established the Party Branch of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team, the director of the street office and the secretary of the party branch. Unified management. Law enforcement teams in other fields have determined to dock with the party branch of the law enforcement team. Through the leadership of party building, the unified dispatch and command of the enforcement teams of various fields of law enforcement teams in various fields is achieved through party building leadership.

"After the establishment of the party branch, the team members were unified, the master’s spirit was stronger, and the team was more cohesive and appeal.

"Zhang Wenjin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Miaoqian Street, Yingze District.

The party building leads grass -roots governance. In addition to governing the relationship between party organization, it is also necessary to strengthen protection measures. The Finance Bureau of Yingze District is responsible for incorporated law enforcement funds in the budget at the same level each year, equipped with law enforcement vehicles on demand, and issued law enforcement officers for benefits and subsidies on time. By improving the conditions of grass -roots law enforcement, "reassurance pills" for grassroots law enforcement officers.

Governing the country and Anbang, focusing on the grassroots. The key to grass -roots construction lies in people. Yingze District imported the good law enforcement officers and focused on improving the level of administrative ability of grass -roots law enforcement officers in accordance with the law.

Encourage the support of the streets to comply with the conditions to compiled all on -the -job personnel to sign up for the law enforcement qualification examination. "At present, 42 administrative editors and 64 business editors in Yingze District have planned to sign up for the law enforcement qualification certificate." Dong Chaoxin said that the Judiciary Bureau will then issue relevant training textbooks and conduct training.